Diversified Members Credit Union Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2020.

ACH/EFT & Draft Fees

NSF – Non-Sufficient Funds & Courtesy Pay (per item) : $30.00
Stop Payment (per item): $30.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings: $3.00
Check Copies (Free through It’s Me 247 Online Banking): $5.00
Temporary Checks (other than new accounts): $3.00 (For 2 sheets, 8 checks)

ATM/Debit Card Fees

ATM Deposits, Transfers, & Inquiries: Free
ATM/Debit Card Replacement: $5.00
NSF – ATM Withdrawal: $30.00
ATM/Debit PIN replacement: $3.00

Visa Credit Cards

Visa NSF Payment: $25.00
Visa Late Payment Charge: $25.00
Visa Over the Limit fee: $25.00                                                   
Visa Card Replacement: $5.00
Visa Travel Cards: $8.00
Visa Travel Card Reload Fee: $2.95
Visa Travel Companion Card: $3.95
Visa Travel Point of Sale: $0.50
Visa Gift Card: $3.50

Home Banking Fees:

It’s Me 247 Online Home Banking Only: Free
EasyPay Online Bill Paying: Free
Dormant Online Bill Pay (no payment in 90 days): $3.00 monthly
CU*Talk Telephone Banking: Free
eStatements: Free

*There is a freeze on ATM & Debit cards when an account is negative or a loan is delinquent more than 15 days.

Our routing and transit number is 272078297

Consumer Loans

Loan Title Filing: $16.00
CARFAX Report: $15.00
Late Payment Charge (after 21 days): $20.00
Loan Reapplication (within 3 months, refunded if approved): $10.00

Miscellaneous Fees:

Manual Phone Transfer (free through Online, Telephone or Mobile Banking):  $3.00
Money Order (up to $1,000.00): $2.00
My Future Savings Acct Withdrawal (0-17): $50.00
Christmas Club Withdrawal:  $10.00
Vacation Club Withdrawal: $10.00
Statement Copy (free through It’s Me 247 Online Banking): $3.00
Garnishments and Levies (processing fee): $50.00
Subpoenas (per hour, minimum $50.00): $25.00, plus $1.00 per page copy fee
Account Research (per hour, minimum $25.00): $25.00
Dormant Account (after 6 months of inactivity): $10.00 monthly, until activity is posted
Close Account (if less than 6 months old): $10.00
Escheat Account:  $75.00
Returned Mail (without forwarding address): $10.00
Stop & Reissue Corporate Checks: $15.00
Corporate Checks for Bills: $1.00 (free if payable to Member)
Verification of Deposit:  $5.00
Returned Deposit Item (per item): $12.00
Returned Deposit Item if on self-account: $30.00
Notary Service for Non-Members: $10.00
Cashier’s Check: $2.00
Wire Transfers – Outgoing: $20.00
Mortgage Verification: $5.00
Account History (per page, free through It’s Me 247 Online Banking): $1.00
Fax (per page, domestic only): $1.00
Photocopies (per page): $0.25
Check Cashing (free with $50 minimum share balance or direct deposit): $3.00
Corporate/Cashier Check & Money Order Cashing for Non-Members – $500 or less: $5.00
Corporate/Cashier Check & Money Order Cashing for Non-Members – Over $500 & Less than $1,000: $10.00
Corporate/Cashier Check & Money Order Cashing for Non-Members – $1,000 and over: $25.00
Coin Machine Members:  3%
Coin Machine Non-Members:  8%
Regulation D Fee: $30.00
Second Chance Checking Monthly Fee: $10.00
Mailed Statement Fee: $2.00

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